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"I would wholeheartedly recommend Trevann as a writer that is truly up to the task of any assigned topic. She will be thorough, concise, and include just enough relatable flair to make your content shine for your audience. I truly believe that she would make a great member of any team."

-Shanice J Douglas (Owner and Editor of

"I'm really impressed by Trevann's ability to capture large amounts of details and condense it into the most succinct form for her reading audience"

-Kenishia Mais (Creator of ThrivingDollars)

"Trevann has an amazing way with words and her work ethic is incomparable! She delivers on time, and is very pleasant and easy to work with."

-Candiece Knight (Staff Writer for Jamaica Observer and TeenAGE editor and coordinator)

"I personally believe that Trevann is one of the most gifted communicators I have interacted with. Her ability to articulate and construct her points in a way that sounds sophisticated yet simple is unmatched. This comes out in her writing and because of these qualities as well as her easy-going personality, she is one of my favourite persons to work with."

-Brian Pitter (Journalist at 876 Stream)

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